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Treetops Ablaze! Another Spectacular Delaney Sunset

As I raced down to the boat launch at the Delaney Project to photograph last night’s amazing sunset, I was bowled over by this view. It looked like the woods had erupted in flame. These white pines along Harvard Road seemed ready to ignite at any minute.

Fiery Sunset at Delaney WMA


Delaney Sunset

I looked out the window at 6PM this evening and saw a pink wisp of clouds to the north, catching the light of the setting sun. I grabbed my camera and ran to Delaney, where a spectacular sunset display of reds and yellows was reflected in the water. A motorcyclist had his camera phone out, and as I took photos another neighbor drove up and jumped out with his camera.

We watched in awe for about 5 minutes, and then it was gone.