Wildlife photos from the Delaney WMA, Stow MA

Chipmunks everywhere!

It’s a busy month for chipmunks. On our walks at Delaney I’ve been struck by how many chipmunks scold us from the trees after scampering out of our path with a mouth-pouch full of seeds or pine cone scales. This particular fellow didn’t bother retreating very high up the pine –
he just tucked into a crotch in the tree about 12 feet up and was content to watch as we passed by.

Yesterday we happened upon a pair of chipmunks who raced back to the nearest pine, and ran circles up and down the trunk until the dogs were completely bewildered. One chipmunk then raced up the inside curve of one of the multiple trunks on this pine tree, only to lose traction and slide back down again. The second attempt took him to safety.


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